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01-20-19  Updates:  Home Page, Assessments 2019, House & Associates, Title Companies

01-09-19  Updates:  Home Page

12-18-18 UpdatesHome Page, Board, Meeting  Minutes, Quick Contacts, Neighborhood Watch, Monthly Crime Reports, St. Louis County Police.

12-7-19 UpdatesHome Page, Neighborhood Watch, Monthly Crime Reports

11-6-18 Updates:  Home page, St. Louis County Police

10-26-18 Updates:  Home Page, Quick Contacts, Neighborhood Watch Minutes,  Crime Stats, St. Louis County Police.

09-29-18 Updates:  Home Page, Board Meeting Minutes, Calendar,Neighborhood Watch Minutes, St. Louis County Police.
08-14-18 Updates:  Home Page, Board Meeting Minutes  
07-12-18 Updates:  Home Page, Board Meeting Minutes, Common Grounds
05-23-18 Updates:  Home Page, Board Meeting Minutes, Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes, Crime Stats.
05-23-18 Updates:  Home Page, Calendar, Neighborhood Watch Committee Minutes, Photo Gallery (PHHA BBQ 2018).
03-18-18  Updates:  Home Pate, Board Meeting Minutes, Neighborhood Watch Committee Minutes, Calendar
03-03-18  Updates:  Home Page, Neighborhood Watch Committee Minutes, Monthly Crime Reports.
01-28-18  Updates:  Home Page, Calendar, St. Louis County Police
01-14-18  Updates:  Home Page-Who We Are-Assessments 2018-House & Associates-Upcoming Events, Board Meeting Minutes, Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes, Calendar
10-16-17  Updates:  Home Page, Photo Gallery
10-01-17  Updates:  Theme, Home Page, Neighborhood Watch Minutes (Removed Raffel page), Calendar
09-25-17  Updates:  Home Page-Board Meeting Minutes, Neighborhood Watch Minutes

09-04-17 Updates:  Home Page-Board Meeting Minutes-Neighborhood Watch Minutes-Calendar

06-17-17  Updates:  Theme-Home Page-Calendar

06-12-17  Updates:   Home Page-Monthly Crime Reports

06-05-17  Updates:  Home Page-Upcoming Events, Board Meeting Minutes, Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes, Calendar

04-30-17  Updates:  Home Page-Upcoming events, Calendar

04-13-17  Updates:  Crime Statistics for March

03-25-17 Updates   Home Page, Board Meeting Minutes Quick Contacts, Neighborhood Watch, Assessments, House & Associates,
03-12-17 Updates:    Home Page, Crime Stats, Neighborhood Watch Raffle, Next Door Flyer.
02-18-17 Updates  THEME-picture, Home Page,, Board Meeting minutes, Neighborhood Watch Minutes, Calendar Events
01-28-17 Updates:  Home Page, New Common Grounds area, Board Meeting minutes, Calendar Events,  Monthly Crime Reports, St. Louis County Police.

10-13-16 Updates: Home Page, Board Meeting minutes, Calendar Events, Neighborhood Watch minutes, St. Louis County Police - North County Precinct October Events. 

08-03-16  Updates:   Home Page  Events, Neighborhood Watch, Contact Us Requests Updated.  All outstanding requests will be reviewed and answered.

 07-27-16  Updates:   Home Page  Events, Neighborhood Watch Minutes

07-13-16  Updates:   Home Page  Events, Board Meeting Minutes, &  Calendar.

06-23-16  Updates:  Theme, Home Page  Events, Board Meeting & Neighorhood Watch Meeting Minutes, &  Calendar.

06-09-16  Updates:  Home Page updatedNew Crime stats & Job Fair information added.

5-19-16  Updates:  The garage sale, scheduled for 5/21, has been cancelled.

05-16-16 Updates 

·  Quick Contacts:  Added Gutter Cleaning Company

  05-11-16 Updates

  • Home

    • Upcoming Events
    • Common Ground & Problem Properties
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • Neighborhood Watch
    • Committee Member photos added
  • Photo Gallery 
    • Added pictures of PHHA BBQ 2016
  • Calendar

   05-06-16 Updates

  • Added new Playground Restoration Pictures in the Photo Gallery

05-02-16 Updates

What?s New?

·        New Theme

·        Home Page Events

·         Playground Pics in Photo Gallery


04-26-16 Updates

  • Home & Neighborhood Watch Raffle
    • Added Neighborhood Watch Raffle information/flyer.

04-21-16 Updates 

·         Assessments-2016 & House & Associates

o   Updated remit address

·         Neighborhood Watch

o   Updated Committee Meeting Minutes 

§  Added Robert Rinck (Problem Properties Unit)

o   Raffle details updated

·         Monthly Crime Reports

o   Added new crime stats for 02-16 thru 04-16

04-17-16 Updates

  • Home

    • Upcoming Events
    • Board Meeting Minutes
    • Neighborhood Watch Minutes
  • Neighborhood Watch
    • Committee Meeting Minutes 
    • Raffle details outlined
  • Photo Gallery 
    • Pool Tower Pics-Previous Board Members

04-09-16 Updates:

Added Neighborhood Watch Committee Meeting to theHome page and to the Calendar

03-12-16 Updates:

UPDATED THE THEMES of the online & mobile sites.

  • Home

  • Upcoming Events
  • Next Board Meeting
  • CPAAA application

 Who We Are /  Board Members

  • Increased font size
  • updated email addresses

 Board Meeting Minutes

  • Added minutes for 03-08-16
  • Enabled all minutes to be opened with prior versions of MS Word


  • Updated Events

 Quick Contacts

  • Reformatted  to be opened with prior versions of MS Word

  Neighborhood Watch

  • Added minutes from 03-08-16 Meeting
  • Robert needs VOLUNTEERS!

  Monthly Crime Reports

  • Added link to St. Louis County website-Crime stats (for Sector-1)

  St. Louis County Police

Updated Events

 02-09-16  Updates:

Who We Are /  Board Members

  • Sub-Division Map added to Indentures 

  • Updated to show changes in treasurer & secretary


  • Upcoming Events
  • Next Board Meeting
  • Grace Bible Church activity & flyer added. 
  • Neighborhood Watch Meeting
  • Police-Non Emergency number
  • St. Louis County Police's Athletic League info & flyer
  • CPAAA Trivia night info & Flyer
  • Visitor counter added (started at 1500)

 Board Meeting Minutes

  • 1-23-16 Closed Meeting
  • 1-23-16 Open Meeting
  • 02-09-16 Board Meeting

 Monthly Crime Reports

  • Officer Monroe has been contacted to start sending these out.

 Citizens Police Academy

  • Renamed to St. Louis County Police
  • Neighborhood Policing Officer Jim Monroe info updated
  • Police Non-emergency listed
  • Athletic league & flyer listed.
  • Added Vacation checklist info & link


  • Please check this out!  It has ALL of our scheduled events with map links.
  • Board Meetings
  • Neighborhood Watch Meetings
  • Local events

 Neighborhood Watch

  • Changed verbiage about vacation reporting to reflect officer Monroe
  • Added additional link to vacation checklist sheet

Neighborhood Watch Raffle

  • Moved under Neighborhood Watch

 In The News

  • Changed link for MSN
  • Added link for FOX2 News
  • Added link to KMOV News
  • Added link to KSDK News
  • Added link to YAHOO
  • Added link to GOOGLE
  • Added counter (same as home page)


  • Created Section V - Restrictions link
  • Added description 

What?s New?

·         Last Website Updates

·         Last Updated:  02-09-16