Neighborhood Watch

Robert Miller - Coordinator
O'D Murrell - Committee Member
Judy Johnson - Committee Member
Bob Greenwell - Committee Member
Glen Elliott  - Committee Member (not pictured)
Sandra Ulmer- Committee Member
The Neighborhood Watch Committee is ALWAYS looking for volunteers!  Please click here for more information!
All meetings will be held at:
Grace Bible Church
1912 Central Pkwy
Florissant, MO.  63031
TIME: 7:00-8:00pm
Meeting Schedule for 2019
March 12th
June 11th
September 10th
December 10th

Meeting Dates for 2018:
March 13th
June 12th
September 11th
December 11th 

2019 Neighborhood Watch Minutes

Neighborhood Watch Committee Meeting 02-20-19

2018 Neighborhood Watch Minutes

2017 Neighborhood Watch Minutes

                         2016 Neighborhood Watch Meeting  Minutes                                                                      

Neigthborhood Watch Minutes 12-6-16.rtf

Neighborhood Watch Meeting 10-12-16.rtf

Neighborhood Watch Meeting  09-13-16 

07-13-16 Committee Meeting Minutes

04-13-16 Committee Meeting Minutes 

Neighborhood Watch Meeting 03-08-16

PHHA Neighborhood Watch & Board

Police Officer Lou Kidson
Saint Louis County Police Department
North County Precinct
11815 Benham Road
Saint Louis, MO.  63118
314-355-4379  FAX

To encourage a sense of community by assisting residents and public safety agencies in providing a safe, secure neighborhood environment. 

                                 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH


Lou Kidson

(314) 438-4622


Neighborhood Watch Committee
We are looking for volunteers for the Neighborhood Watch Committee in Pleasant Hollow. The job description of a Neighborhood Watch Committee person is:
  • Assist the coordinator as need
  • Act as Liaison between assigned residents and the Neighborhood Watch coordinator
  • Distribute information provided by the Neighborhood Watch coordinator to residents in a timely fashion
  • Inform the Neighborhood Watch coordinator of any crime-related problems within the your area of responsibility
  • Contact new residents and brief them on the Neighborhood Watch program
  • Stress the main principles of Neighborhood Watch 
If you are interested  in the Pleasant Hollow subdivision this include the residents on Black Pine please contact Robert Miller ( 


Safety Tips

Here is some safety tips from Our NPO Officer  Safety Tips

Good evening,
I have been getting several phone calls and emails in reference to some of you leaving for vacation and requesting that I add you to our vacation checklist.  I am very happy that you are contacting me with this request, however several of you are simply leaving me a voice mail saying that you are leaving on vacation without the information I need to enter you into our computer.  I need specific information in order to enter you into our computer system to have officers check on your home around the clock (obviously I only work 8 hours a day 5 days a week and that's not enough coverage for your home). 
I have attached a vacation checklist.  If you plan on going on vacation, I ask that you complete and email the checklist to me or call our precinct at 314-355-1200 and notify the desk officer (they will simply ask you questions off of the checklist). 
Thank you!
Lou Kidson
Neighborhood Policing Officer
North County Precinct
(314) 438-4622


                                                    Vacation Checklist