Neighborhood Watch

Robert Miller - Coordinator
O'D Murrell - Committee Member
Judy Johnson - Committee Member
Craig Stone - Committee Member
Glen Elliott  - Committee Member (not pictured)
The Neighborhood Watch Committee is ALWAYS looking for volunteers!  Please click here for more information!
The Jennings Citizens Police Academy begins April 4th, for six(t) weeks from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM  Click here for more info.
All meetings will be held at:
Grace Bible Church
1912 Central Pkwy
Florissant, MO.  63031
TIME: 7:00-8:00pm
Meeting Dates for 2018:
March 13th
June 12th
September 11th
December 11th 

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2018 Neighborhood Watch Minutes

2017 Neighborhood Watch Minutes

                         2016 Neighborhood Watch Meeting  Minutes                                                                      

Neigthborhood Watch Minutes 12-6-16.rtf

Neighborhood Watch Meeting 10-12-16.rtf

Neighborhood Watch Meeting  09-13-16 

07-13-16 Committee Meeting Minutes

04-13-16 Committee Meeting Minutes 

Neighborhood Watch Meeting 03-08-16

PHHA Neighborhood Watch & Board

Police Officer Lou Kidson
Saint Louis County Police Department
North County Precinct
11815 Benham Road
Saint Louis, MO.  63118
314-355-4379  FAX

To encourage a sense of community by assisting residents and public safety agencies in providing a safe, secure neighborhood environment. 

                                 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH


Lou Kidson

(314) 438-4622


Neighborhood Watch Committee
We are looking for volunteers for the Neighborhood Watch Committee in Pleasant Hollow. The job description of a Neighborhood Watch Committee person is:
  • Assist the coordinator as need
  • Act as Liaison between assigned residents and the Neighborhood Watch coordinator
  • Distribute information provided by the Neighborhood Watch coordinator to residents in a timely fashion
  • Inform the Neighborhood Watch coordinator of any crime-related problems within the your area of responsibility
  • Contact new residents and brief them on the Neighborhood Watch program
  • Stress the main principles of Neighborhood Watch 
If you are interested  in the Pleasant Hollow subdivision this include the residents on Black Pine please contact Robert Miller ( 


Safety Tips

Here is some safety tips from Our NPO Officer  Safety Tips

Good evening,
I have been getting several phone calls and emails in reference to some of you leaving for vacation and requesting that I add you to our vacation checklist.  I am very happy that you are contacting me with this request, however several of you are simply leaving me a voice mail saying that you are leaving on vacation without the information I need to enter you into our computer.  I need specific information in order to enter you into our computer system to have officers check on your home around the clock (obviously I only work 8 hours a day 5 days a week and that's not enough coverage for your home). 
I have attached a vacation checklist.  If you plan on going on vacation, I ask that you complete and email the checklist to me or call our precinct at 314-355-1200 and notify the desk officer (they will simply ask you questions off of the checklist). 
Thank you!
Danielle Durham
Neighborhood Policing Officer
North County Precinct
(314) 438-4622


                                                    Vacation Checklist


R. I. S. E.  Program

When was the last time you heard about a house in your neighborhood being burglarized?  Perhaps your home has been burglarized.  Not a good feeling, is it?


Home security is a large part of crime prevention.  A free and confidential security survey of your home is provided by professionally trained law enforcement officers who conduct the survey and offer tips on how to make your home more secure.  Another very beneficial tool in combating theft is Operation Identification.  This program entails marking your valuables by engraving your driver's license number on them to deter theft and facilitate the recovery of your belongings should a theft occur.  Quite often officers recover stolen items but are unable to determine the legitimate owner.  With this program, items recovered even in an unrelated investigation can be returned to its owner.


Citizens empowered with knowledge are the best line of defense against burglary and theft.  For more information or to schedule a survey please contact your St. Louis County Police Department, North County Precinct, Neighborhood Policing Unit at 314-438-4620.


R. I. S. E. Handbook


      Neighborhood E-mail Warning System "NEWS"

St Louis County Police are setting up a "Neighborhood E-mail Warning System"  It is known as the "NEWS" List.  Please read the attached flyer and sign up.  Check with your neigbors and make sure they sign up also.


Thanks STL County Police for your efforts. 

NEWS Flyer