Common Grounds & Problem Properties

Don't let this happen to you!  Keep your property mowed and avoid a $175.00 Public Nuisance mowing fee!  Click Here for more information.

Each resident is responsible to trim and keep clean the common ground along their property line.

If you notice residents disposing of their yard waste(and other materials) over their fence and into the common grounds, please report this activity immediately to the police's non-emergency dispatch number:  636-529-8210.

If there is a problem with a property (grass too tall, junk in the front yard, etc..), please call Problem Properties (aka Neighborhood Preservation), at 314-615-7333

The company that maintains the common grounds will get within two feet of your property line.  this is to keep cost down and to reduce any damage t your property.  if you have any issue with the common ground, please contact the Board member in charge of the common ground at the following email address: